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Commission crazy!

Over the past few weeks we have had numerous commission requests come flooding through our doors. All sorts of unique and unusual one offs,including weather vanes, gates, customised furniture, log stores, garden sculptures even old items of sentimental war memorabilia to up cycle. This is what we love and what Leigh is so good at! giving our customers the option to have something completely bespoke and so different from what you would find on the high street.

I think with all this extra time we have been having due to the global pandemic has motivated us all to get those DIY jobs done. Its so easy to put them on hold because of our hectic lives!

We never know whats coming in next, its such a surprise for us and definitely keeps us on our toes thinking of new ideas to inspire our customers.

If you own an unusual item that you have know idea what to do with, something maybe that's been handed down the family? rather than dispose of it because you think its useless why not bring it down to us and we can hopefully help you with some ideas and give it a new purpose for you to appreciate in your home.

Maybe you have been searching for a piece of furniture to specifically fit in a awkward space but had no joy on the high street? we can help! we can make everything to your exact measurements, so please do not hesitate to get in touch, we are still fully working behind closed doors and are more than happy to offer some ideas to help to decide.

In the meantime please feel to take a closer look at our website and face book page at some of the recent commissions we have completed. Hopefully you will find some inspirational ideas to help with yours?

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