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Flavour of the month

The diary is filling up fast again with lamp orders, which is great! it appears that Our

twisted floor lamp and mid chain lamp are currently the most popular, as we have delivered a fair few of these over the past few weeks.

I just wanted to give a quick briefing of these wonderful pieces to those that might not be as familiar with all our lamps.

The twisted floor lamp is made up of 60 links of raw steel chain then welded at over 300 points. This alone is a work of art. With a choice of oversized flexible lED bulbs and an intelligent dimmer switch it really is something else. We can guarantee you wouldn't find something as unique on the high street.

All most a smaller version of the floor lamp is our mid chain lamp, also currently very popular. We are finding our customers are purchasing these two together as they really do compliment each. It is a nice size at 300mm x 600mm it sits on most side boards if space is a issue.The mid chain lamp also comes with a choice of larger LED bulbs not quite as big as the floor lamps but still an impressive size,complete with a caged shade. You can customise the look of both lamps by choosing a selection of lamp holders and coloured cables.

If you would like to have a look at different options of cables/ fittings or general inquiries regarding any of our lamps please get in touch.

We are more than happy to help.

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