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GOODBYE 2020!!!

Happy new year to you all

Firstly we would like to send huge thanks to all our customers that have continued to support us throughout this dreadful year! Every purchase, comment, like, and share we receive really does make a difference. Our following on social media has grown tremendously over the past few months, which has been absolutely fantastic allowing us to grow our brand even more means we can attract a larger audience,This in turn brings new faces to metal Manipulation.

Like so many other small businesses out there, it has been a relentless task adapting to the way we find ourselves working now. But with perseverance, positivity and a lot of determination,

we are getting along just fine, we refuse to let this virus beat us for what we have worked so hard for!

We are sending out positive thoughts to each and every one of you and truly hope 2021 brings us all much happier times.

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