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As we entered the second national lock down last week, meant we had to close our shop doors once again for the general public, I just wanted to briefly update you with whats happening here at Metal Manipulation over the next few weeks and how we are moving forward to deal with this situation we find ourselves in as a business.

So it was only the other week i wrote about our events calendar with the upcoming events we had left for this year, which was still going ahead but yet again that has changed for us and many others. we were due out last Thursday to a new location at Holker Hall for 4 days, although we find it such a shame and very disappointing with the amount of hard work that goes along with the planning for events, we must not be disheartened as this was out of our control, and we must try to keep positive.

luckily we have plenty to be getting on with over the coming weeks.

As we are busy working behind closed doors can i just remind you that our online services are fully functional for purchases and orders, we have introduced the click and collect system, where you can arrange collection at a convenient time to suit. so if you have any queries regarding any items or commissions you would like to discuss further, please contact us in the usual way and we will gladly be of assistance.


or call us on 01332 498039 or 07719021057

we would like to take this time to wish you all well and we look forward to seeing you very soon back in the centre.

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