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Hidden Artisans

It was a bumpy start for our second baby! With the opening day being cancelled twice we nearly lost all enthusiasm before we even started!

hidden Artisans has already proven to be a great success and a fantastic new addition to the Ferrers centre, incorporating many other artists alongside our own work really works well and compliment each other Nicely. Our intention was to use natural and raw materials that have been sourced locally.

Not only do we display larger pieces of furniture and larger ceiling lighting we also offer a wide selection of smaller gifts such as naturally dried wild flowers which may i add are absolutely gorgeous and smell Devine.

keeping in theme with natural gifts, how about our choice of beeswax products? From hand dipped candles, bees wax melts infused with lavender, or maybe eco friendly bees wax food wraps?

you really need to have a good look for yourself as I’m sure there’s something for everyone.

The shop is open every Thursday to Sunday 11-4

The feedback has been phenomenal and everyone has complimented us on how we have displayed the items we supply. We are both truly grateful to each and everyone of you that has visited, commented, liked/shared our posts and pictures. It all really does help and make a difference to get word around, so thank you.

we are so proud of this little shop and absolutely love it. #wegotthereintheend

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