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Hi Everyone, I hope were all well? And keeping safe?

I just wanted to post so we can stay in touch and keep you updated with what’s happening at metal manipulation during these difficult times. As I’m sure most of you are aware we had to close the shop at the ferrers centre last week following covid 19 restrictions. Firstly I would like to mention to our customers that had placed orders before the shutdown that we will continue to work on these and they will be ready for completion as arranged, Leigh is still working in his workshop at the centre and works solely on his own therefore doesn’t come into contact with anyone. He will be continuing to do so until enforced otherwise.

Like so many others I’m at home in the home office so if you had planned to contact us prior to this please continue to do so as we are still open to new orders. The website is in full working order so please feel free to have a look on there and if there’s anything else you would like to know regarding any of our products or any commissions you were thinking about please do get in touch via email or phone (maybe just for a general chat to stay in touch I don’t mind!)

I will posting regularly on the blog alongside social media sites to try and keep everyone up to date with what’s happening here at metal Manipulation.

Lets all try and stay positive and pray this nightmare ends soon! huge round of applause 👏 for all the NHS staff who are risking their own lives to help save others we all are very thankful.

we will have many celebrations at the end of this!! Please look after yourselves and take good care of each other. See you all soon

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