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So I thought I’d officially introduce myself on our blog, to those who may or may not know me?

I’m Bec Leigh’s (better) other half It has been a month since I left my job of 13 years in education to join Leigh at Metal Manipulation to help grow the bussiness.

And what a busy first (full time) month it has been! He hasn’t half kept me occupied !! With myself coming on board means Leigh can be in the workshop more as opposed to running the shop. I have received so many fantastic comments about Leigh’s work which I find sometimes a bit overwhelming as im very proud of what he’s acheived so far! And cannot wait if what’s to come? I am now running the shop Thursday to Sunday 11-4pm,

so I will look forward to meeting you all if you do decide to visit us at #stauntonhall in the #ferrerscentre I do love a good natter! (just don’t tell the boss !)

I am also taking orders online

hopefully see you all soon

Bec x

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