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The Power Of Technology

As you know our shop doors are closed yet again! meaning we have to seek alternative ways in which we work. Thankfully with the power of Technology this job becomes a little bit easier.

As you know we have our own website where we can show our products.

There are many other platforms that we are lucky enough to advertise on too!, Many of them you will be familiar with for example Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, However there are two i would like to bring to your attention, that you may not of herd of? they are "folksy" & "etsy"

These are two platforms solely for

designers and makers to show off their unique handmade goods! Here you will find a gift for literally any occasion.

If you do find yourself with a spare five minutes, please do take look! (not forgetting to check out our shops too! metalmanipulation)

As a small business we really do appreciate every purchase that is made and we thank you all for continued support.

If you want to check out some of Britain`s best designers and crafters pop over to

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