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Welcome Back

First of all apologies for not posting on our blog for such a long time. During lockdown things got pretty busy here at Metal Manipulation, and unfortunately the blog took a back seat. I will try and bring you up to date over the next few weeks with what’s been happening here.

That day we were told we had to close our business due to COVID was the worst feeling ever! Nobody knew what was going to happen or how long we were to close our doors for? It was such a worrying time for all.

We got the green light to re open the centre in June and things thankfully picked back up for everyone.

lucky to positioned in the spacious grounds at Staunton Harold helped, people felt safe to venture out once again without overcrowding, knowing extra safety precautions had been implemented around the centre.

Each individual business followed the 2m rule allowing only 2 people in at one time which gave the visitors opportunity to browse safely. As time has gone on people have adjusted to this crazy world we have found ourselves living in and our lovely centre has once again picked back up to be a great alternative shopping centre.

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