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As dedicated makers ourselves we have the greatest respect and appreciation for other artists handcrafted pieces. With a understanding of the many hours, days and months it takes to create one single item, unlike mass produced items no two pieces are exactly the same, making them totally unique and very special.

As a maker we understand the value of each and every piece that we create making sure that we only provide the highest quality to our customers. You may hear some people question the price for handmade... but something to remember! paying less means your getting less, handmade items are made to last!

In the fast paced world that we live and the way of retail goes, there is a huge range of products accessible online at the click of a button for the consumer. So why buy handmade? Not only are you supporting local makers do what they love doing, creating beautiful things,but buying handmade is keeping traditional skills and craft alive! Skills that can be passed on to generations to come.

I personally think a creative spirit is in us all! When you buy a handmade item from a local maker it is a reflection of your own personality, whether it was the colour, material, texture or simply the mood you were in, a creative connection has been made, you were drawn to proceed with a purchase.

Over the years we have attended many artisan events and festivals across the country, and along the way met so many incredibly talented artists showcasing their handmade work. Being around these like minded individuals with similar creativity gives us a huge sense of positivity and inspiration. If you have yet had the chance to visit a artisan event I would highly recommend you to do so. The talent out there is outstanding. Having the opportunity to meet the makers and hear their stories and see just how passionate they are about handmade will inspire you too I'm sure!

So what does handmade mean to you?

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