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Winters coming!!

As the weather changes and the nights are getting colder we find ourselves nesting in our homes making it nice and cosy!

Some of our lovely Customers have been coming to us recently asking for all sorts of accessories to help with everyday activities around the home, looking for something that still looks great yet very practical. Items such as a steel log basket/stand, to keep the logs at easy reach at the same time making a nice neat display in the home rather than dumped in a big heap!, simple wellie racks that are so easy to clean they look great and very practical to hang your muddy boots on to dry.

Coat hooks, pokers, toasting forks and boot scrapers are just a few more pieces we have made! just to give you an idea of how versatile we are and the variation of products we can make at realistic prices.

If you would like to make your everyday tasks that little bit easier? and would like us to help you achieve this? please email us at sales@metalmanipulation. for a no obligation quote.

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