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Thank you for visiting our News page, here you will find up to date information about our shop, upcoming events and products.
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Opening Times

March 2023

Shop Opening Hours. Please note our days and hours areThu - Sun 11am-4pm.We often on site working, please contact us if you would like to arrange an appointment on alternative days.

Workshop & Courses

January 2023

New Courses for 2023.

Taster , Advanced & Advanced Plus Welding Courses.
Please get in touch if you have one of our vouchers so we can get you booked in for the new year.

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New Events


Check out our new events page and see where we are going this year.

The Workshop


Our workshop is nestled in the beautiful grounds of Staunton Harold Hall, just a stone throw away from our shop. This now is our main workshop where all our time is spent. Here you will often see us working away on various projects from lighting and furniture to complex garden art and sculptures.
Industrial Tools
Lamp Workshop

Rewiring Service


We are now pleased to offer a rewiring and styling service to all our customers. Maybe you have had one of our special lamps for sometime and fancy a change or maybe you have changed the decor where your lamp lives.... Why not give your lamp a new look and have it rewired with new fittings of your style and choice.
We offer a rewiring service for all out products.
Please note all rewiring is done in our workshop at Staunton Harold.

Covid 19


The past couple of years have certainly been a roller coaster ride for many businesses with  
complications involved with covid 19.
Thankfully as restrictions have been lifted and we can feel a bit of normality, we can begin to live our lives once again. 
We are delighted that we can resume normal business hours again at Metal Manipulation.
We just wanted to reassure  our customers, although face coverings and screens are no longer a legal requirement, we are still providing hand sanitiser for you to use on entry to our shop.
At Metal Manipulation we accept all payment methods which ever you decide to use including contactless and touch-less.  
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers and friends for your continued support.  

Leigh & Becky. 
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The Hidden Showroom


The Hidden Showroom is a extension from Metal Manipulations store to showcase larger items of furniture. Metal Manipulation is proud to expose and work with some hidden and familiar talent on the Staunton Harold estate and in the Ferrers Centre For Arts & Crafts.We have put together a selection of handcrafted pieces and used natural and raw materials including freshly cut timbers from Staunton Harolds own saw mill.

Going Green


If taking better care of the environment is something you plan to include on your list of resolutions for 2023, this post is for you
Metal Manipulation is on a mission this year to expose some of the best LEDs ( Light Emitting Diodes) and to help our planet with less light pollution.
Most of our lights already use some of the best flexible LED bulbs but as we are now already designing new lamps for 2023 we are now thinking about the the finishing touches.
LEDs provide a better quality of light distribution and light focus in one direction as opposed to other types of lighting. Other types waste energy by emitting light in all directions, often illuminating areas where light isn't required (such as the ceiling). Using LEDs mean you'll need less lights to achieve the same level of brightness, and fewer lights mean less energy consumption and therefore is beneficial to the environment.
Part of going green includes using energy more efficiently. LED lights convert 95% of the energy they use into light. They also draw less power than fluorescent and incandescent lights.
Less energy equals fewer power plant emissions. For you, it also means a lower energy bill.
Going green also means you should focus on producing less waste going into landfills. Traditional light bulbs go straight to the trash can, right? LED bulbs go to the same place, but you’ll throw fewer of them away because they last longer.
One LED bulb burns about 50,000 hours. Your traditional lightbulbs burn for approximately 1,200 hours
If you decided to go green this year, congratulations! You're doing your part to make the world a more eco-friendly place to live by minimizing the impact of environmental light.
LED lighting plays a huge role in the green movement. By converting at least some of your lights to LED technology, you'll use less energy, create less waste, and generate less light pollution.
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Have a Great Summer


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